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Mechanical design engineer

40 uren per week
Referentie: a1WS80000004OnLMAU
Laura Vermeulen



Design Activities Starts his designs by listening to the ?customer?. Organizes design review meetings as appropriate during the design phase. He will subject the actual construction of the prototype to the prior formal approach of both the customer and the management. The safety of the designs is a prime focus. Following the safety aspects, he also gives particular attention to the ecological and environmental aspects of the concepts s.a. reduced noise levels. Formulates, as needed and in function of his involvement in cross functional teams, proposals for improvements to existing mechanisms. A high functional performance level, robustness and maintenance friendliness are equally obvious concerns. Identifies in the conceptual phase the wear parts and minimizes these with a balance in mind between investment and repair and maintenance costs. Produces proper assembly and detailed drawings as well as parts list of each design made Disposes of a fair working knowledge of machine shop operations to enable him to make economically justified design decisions by himself. Implementation activities Asks prices where needed for fabrication and trade purchase items.  Performs a close follow up of the ordered parts as they are delivered to ensure OK quality of component parts. Organizes and ensures proper electronic filing of drawings. Is responsible for prompt and correct execution of DRR?s (Drawing Revision Requests) CAD Systems He is the ultimate practical, hands on reference in the Company for the correct use, and standardization within, of the drawing software package selected by the management. He attends as directed the necessary training courses related to new issues of the existing standard or potential new standard drawing software. He reports the insights gained to advise management; but complies in the end with whatever choice is made by the latter. He disposes of a practical working knowledge of several drawing software packages and related file conversion programs, in particular the ones used by the company during the (recent) past periods. He disposes of a fair working knowledge of the key databases used for the filing of the drawings. Training He trains de facto and on the job, the temporary contract draughtsman so that these can become operational and efficient within the shortest possible delays. He supports, coaches and counsels them daily on the job.



?A1 industrieel ingenieur?                       Minimum 5 to 10 year practical experience as a technical draughtsman/designer.          

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